Do you want to help local homeless people?

How you interact with a homeless person can set them up for success or failure...


The Problem


Current solutions are not working...

What do people do when someone in need asks them for money or food?

Giving money can do more harm than good...

...and so does giving food (believe it or not!)...

... and ignoring people also doesn't help...

The Solution

Using the Cheese App, you will be able to set someone up for success

Our app allows you to pay for someone to receive help at a local non-profit

Step 1: Select an item

Select the item you would like to donate to the person in need

Capture the information of the person who will receive help. Remember to say "Say Cheese" if taking a photo

Step 2: Capture information

Step 3: Direct beneficiary

Direct the beneficiary to a local non-profit where they will be verified and receive help. A landmark is used to easily direct them.

Beneficiary details

A few reasons to give this way:

  • Directs people to non-profits who provide professional support and care

  • Data captured enables better and more holistic support

  • Non-profits get financial help for the work they do

  • It is easier for non-profits to work together as they share a database

  • Taking ownership is encouraged as person has to go to distribution point

  • Alcohol abuse is minimised as money is not handed out




Help us realise this solution through supporting financially.

Banking details

R 300 000 required for development of the whole app

View details of each donation received

Our proud partners

Partners on-boarded and project supporters.

Endorsed by:


Project status

Ideation and validation

Partner on-boarding and MVP launch

Solution refinement 

(in progress)

Stellenbosch hard launch and solution refinement

Scaling to other locations


How to get involved

Volunteer Skills / Time:

  • Ionic developers

  • Marketing (Strategy)

  • Marketing (Content)

  • Animation video 

  • Brand ambassadors - willing to endorse product in community

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