Our distribution partners

Do you want to see the hungry fed and the homeless finding homes?

Working together we are able to do this better than ever before!

The problem


Really helping a person living on the street can be difficult

Engagements with urban poor are not easy

Giving money does more damage than good...

...and so does giving food (believe it or not!)...


The solution

...But there is a way to really help...

...by giving a coupon!


Giving coupons have the following advantages:

  • Stops bad spending (i.e. alcohol or drugs)

  • Supports charities working with people in need

Our partners


Thank you for making this possible

Endorsed by:

Coupons can be swapped for either a meal, blanket or accomodation

Our distribution partners

Our service partners

Where to buy coupons

Coupons can be bought (for R10) at any of the places below

  • Directs people to places they can receive:

    • Holistic​ support

    • Sustainable support

  • Encourages people to take responsibility

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Services are currently in Stellenbosch only